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  • "“Thank you for the quick turnaround time on the parts delivered today. We were able to put them in the customers hands this morning and they were very pleased... As always, you guys nailed it.”" --Patrick/UK
  • "“please pass on my thanks to your team, they are very well done and made very quick, Many thanks for all your supports”" --Ismael/USA
  • "“Part is excellent, Thanks, I am really impressed with the quality and precision, and your service and communication is top!”" --Niklas/Sweden
  • "“Jevny has been knowledgeable, kind and professional,and most importantly in the prototyping world, high quality and ON TIME! I'd recommend working with them on your next project!”" --André/Germany
  • "“I can honestly say that I ‘ve never seen anyone else besides myself take that much care in machining parts but you”" --Antoine/France
  • "“The prototype is as we did expect, everything is fine! Very good job! We will use your company in the future as well and we will recommend you to others.”" --Pierre/France
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Jevny is a manufacturing company with its head office in Shenzhen,3 factories in Shenzhen,Dongguan and Zhongshan cities,Guangdong,China.We provide high-quality rapid prototyping,low-volume manufacturing and mass production services to...Read More
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